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Disc Room launches its hectic death traps on October 22nd

Does Disc Room imply the existence of a Disc World?

Disc Room, the very frightening series of deadly rooms full of circular sawblades, fires up the player grinder later this month. October does seem like the proper time for all that slice-y gore, sure enough. Devolver Digital have announced that you can begin dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodging through the game on October 22nd.

Disc Room is a collaboration between a few different indie game names:  High Hell developer Terri Vellmann, Minit folks JW Nijman and Kitty Calis, and Enter The Gungeon soundtrack-er Doseone. All four have also teamed up for a new trailer showing off more of their terrible dicey discs.

You're a scientist, who in a classic horror movie blunder, has decided to explore a place that you really aught to have "nope"d right out of without further question. In the year 2089 a giant disc is orbiting Jupiter. Naturally you decide to stroll right in. It's full of rooms and the rooms are full of discs and also your blood. Good going, space scientist.

The developers explain that new rooms are unlocked as you survive various challenges. Some make plenty of sense, such as "survive ten seconds" which looks harder than it sounds. Other rooms are more complex, involving a limited view around your character, discs with horrible new abilities, and confusing challenges like "feed ???? 4 ????" I imagine it makes more sense if you're there. Perhaps not though.

The Disc Room crew say that there are secrets to uncover and leaderboards to climb as well. Get going then, you fearless sorts.

You can find Disc Room over on Steam where it will launch on October 22nd. The trailer mentions the Epic Games Store too, though it doesn't appear to have a page up over there just yet. In the meantime, there's a free demo for Disc Room on Steam as well.

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