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Disco Elysium has added full voice acting and new quests in the Final Cut update

The great RPG grows bigger

Harry Du Bois from Disco Elysium The Final Cut lifting weights
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Fascinating detective RPG Disco Elysium today becomes bigger and fancier with its Final Cut, released as a free update. The Final Cut adds voice acting (one million spoken words, they claim) as well as new quests and heaps more newness. A fine time to return to Revachol.

One of the Final Cut's biggest single features, beyond the voice acting, adds new "political vision quests" which explore the far corners of the various political beliefs. Za/um say in the launch announcement that these "are designed to be asymmetric. This means that they're different lengths, with some being more visual, while others are packed with more words. But they all change the world in some way..."

The new version also whams in controller support and new characters, outfits, cutscenes, music, animations, and more. If you already have an old save on the go, Za/um say it can be continued in the Final Cut, but they'd recommend you start over fresh to experience the newness.

To celebrate the launch, the game has a 20% discount. You can get it on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store for £28/€32/$32. The Final Cut also sees the game arrive on PlayStations today.

We've called Disco Elysium one of the best RPGs. If you already believe that, though, you might wanna dig deeper. Old man Alec Meer said Disco Elysium "offers a dark mirror to my mid-life crisis", while Nic Reuben looked at poverty in its Hardcore mode, and Michael Weber told us all about its dangerous, unpredictable guns.

Za/um also started clothes based on Disco Elysium, if you really want to take your love of the game out into the real world. Kim's orange jacket and the Lilik-Hiriadi Death Cloak are already sold out, though.

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