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Discord's new Game Tab seems handy, and also metal?

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Steam and Discord seem to be butting heads a lot lately - Valve aren't happy with just the lion's share of the PC digital games market; they want Steam to be where players do their socialising and chatting, too. Discord's latest shot across their rival's bow is the Games Tab, currently rolling out to the games-focused chat software right now. Essentially, it turns Discord into a general gaming info and social hub which you can launch games from, join other people via, and even keep up on news feeds. It also has a very silly informational video within.

The Year is Future, so intones the video below. You should watch it, and it will fill you with information. I also had to watch it at 1/4 speed in order to snap the picture in the header above, and the experience was quite disconcerting and also kinda cool, especially once it all goes off the rails at the halfway point.

The full feature list is quite extensive, including Spotify integration so that you can sync up with what your friends are listening to. This also reminds me that I've not installed Spotify since getting this PC half a year ago, so I should probably go about fixing that.

The Games tab is apparently rolling out right now, so might not be on your Discord screen quite yet. Give it a couple hours, restart the program and maybe do a little dance and it'll appear eventually, I'm sure. While you're waiting, why don't you go click right here to join the RPS Discord group? We've got chat, and games, and apparently I just joined there tonight despite having been writing here for months? I am so behind on everything.

Discord is free. It is also very good. Get it here. Or read a bit more about the Games Tab here.

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