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Discover the best games of EGX Rezzed with Indies Uncovered

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EGX Rezzed fast approaches. Demos are being tweaked, wristbands printed and an army of organisers scratch their heads about how to get a bazillion PCs to work in a 19th century dockland warehouse. For the uninitiated, Rezzed is a celebration of all playthings virtual, with a distinct lean towards the indie scene compared to its bigger EGX brother. And it’s held in the Tobacco Docks, the 19th century dockland warehouse mentioned above. I wasn’t just being odd. You should definitely get tickets and come along, but if you can’t, we’ll offer a snapshot of the show floor in our returning stream, Indies Uncovered. Hooray!

Indies Uncovered, in case you missed our last outing at EGX Berlin, is three days of game presentations streamed by the Rock Paper Shotgun video department. Remember us? We’re the gang who lurk in that little video tab in the top bar of the site. It’s like the site, but a bit shoutier. We’ll be showing hands-on demos and talking to some of the developers behind the games, and hope to showcase an exciting cross section of everything available at EGX Rezzed. If you attend the show it’ll hopefully point you towards must-play demos. For those at home, it’s like you’re there, only without the giant queues for pizza.

We’ve done the stream a couple of times before and I’m thrilled we get to do it again. To me, what makes Rezzed special is the amount of stuff you’re discovering for the first time, and the easy access to the teams making them happen. One second you’re sailing an entire ocean built by a one-man team and the next you’re guiding an army of tiny people into a giant pit of death. You’d be amazed how fast three days can vanish once you get chatting to the developers by each demo station. The hope is to capture some of that energy in the stream.

The video team is currently devising a killer line-up for Indies Uncovered but are already salivating at the diverse range of treats on offer. We’ll be announcing a full schedule closer to the time. Indies Uncovered will be streamed over on the Rock Paper Shotgun YouTube Channel, so why not prepare for it by heading there now and subscribing, so that you don’t miss it. Or indeed, any of the other moving pictures we make for the channel.

EGX Rezzed 2020 runs March 26-28 at the Tobacco Dock in London. Tickets are on sale here.

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