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Dishonored 2: QuakeCon's High-Chaos Corvo Info

[Bend] Time to die

Looks like Dishonored 2 [official site] got some new gameplay footage at QuakeCon. Not being at QuakeCon and with the footage not having leaked (that I can see, anyway) I'm making do with GIFS! and a DESCRIPTIVE BLOG ENTRY! in order to get a feel for a high-chaos Corvo playthrough:

A word to the wise: Some of the descriptions are pretty horrible so this isn't a post to read while you're snacking.

The reason I'm particularly interested in this is that high-chaos playthroughs of Dishonored are the only ones I'm capable of. We all remember the attempted "stealth" run of the Golden Cat:

Good, good.

Anyway, here's info on Blink's neck-stabby potential:

"Corvo teleports from the ground to a balcony and ducks into a sealed building; Corvo instantly transports himself from a second-story window to some exposed ductwork across an alleyway. But Blink isn’t just for movement anymore. Twice we saw Corvo use his signature power in newly aggressive ways: blinking into a foe and immediately stabbing him in the neck, and later using it to slam into an enemy, shoving him back with deadly force. Corvo’s Blink also includes the “stop time and redirect” improvement from the Dishonored DLC The Knife of Dunwall (often called “Daud’s Blink” by the community and YouTubers), giving him more flexibility in traversal and stealth."

And this is all about a Bend Time/Possession combo:

"Early in the demo, we see Corvo using this power like he did in the original Dishonored, slowing time to face off against a Nest Keeper (a creepy new bad guy who fusses over Bloodfly nests). While time is at a near-standstill, Corvo literally shoots both arms off the Nest Keeper with his pistol, then pulls out his crossbow to fire an Incendiary Bolt at a nearby nest. When time returns to normal, the disarmed Nest Keeper briefly writhes in agony, the nest bursts into flames… then the Keeper’s body rips in half at the torso, releasing a fresh swarm of Bloodflies. Corvo then escapes the dangerous infestation, transferring himself into a Bloodfly with Possession. (While we didn’t see it in action, we also know that Corvo can now upgrade Possession so he can transfer from one host to another.)"

Chatting with Graham about this particular section, he added "I like the idea of shooting arms off things but not the idea of them writhing in agony afterwards. Maybe the game could be about people who dislike their arms?"

Perhaps that's going to be a new mode.

Oh, also I can't quite marry up this bit from the description and the gif that seems to be used to illustrate that:

"Corvo is carrying the incapacitated Howler leader Paolo, his target in this mission. From a balcony above the street, he spots a hostile Howler gang member. Stopping time, Corvo tosses Paolo into the air, where he hovers in suspension while Corvo leaps down to deliver death from above to the Howler. Corvo then advances time just enough so Paolo’s body moves into reach, then grabs his target in mid-air before continuing on his way."

I feel like this is where I've reached the limits of what not having video will teach me. Or maybe I just need more coffee. That's always a possibility. HURRY UP AND POST IT ONLINE!

Here are some more gifs:

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