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How to get clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Learn how to get clay so that you can complete the Mysterious Wreck quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Want to know how to get clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Clay is a common resource in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can use it to craft bricks, along with decorations such as pillars, flower pots, and even a clock tower. However, clay also has another key use. You'll need to find clay for the Mysterious Wreck quest, which you can start very early in Dreamlight Valley after unlocking Dazzle Beach. Completing the Mysterious Wreck quest will allow you to meet Ariel, so clay is an incredibly important resource in the opening hours.

In this guide, we'll explain how to get clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so that you can help Goofy fix the mysterious wreck and find Ariel.

How to get clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Clay is an easy resource to find in Dreamlight Valley if you know where to look, whether you're doing the Mysterious Wreck quest or just need to know how to get clay to craft some items. To get clay, you must go to one of the following locations:

  • Glade of Trust (unlock with 5000 Dreamlight)
  • Sunlit Plateau (unlock with 7000 Dreamlight)
  • Forgotten Lands (unlock with 15000 Dreamlight)

Simply head to one of the locations listed above and take out your Royal Shovel. Then, start digging! Clay will occasionally drop instead of coins or dirt, and you'll find that it piles up very quickly as clay usually drops in stacks of two or three pieces. You don't need to dig up glowing spots of dirt to get clay, so you can just dig anywhere.

As you can see in the list above, unlocking the Glade of Trust is the least expensive option to get clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley. However, the method for finding clay in each location is the same.

Disney Dreamlight Valley screenshot showing someone wearing a Buzz Lightyear helmet in a dark wooded area. There are three rows of holes in the ground to the left.

If you want to get clay faster, make sure to hold down the dig button rather than tapping it repeatedly. This will make your character continuously dig in a straight line, and you'll soon find that you get lots of clay. I spent about a minute digging the three rows pictured above and got 25 clay, which is the exact amount needed to complete the Mysterious Wreck quest.

We'd also recommend inviting another character to join you while hunting for clay. If you raise your friendship level with a character and assign them the digging role, you'll sometimes find extra items while digging, including clay!

If you needed clay for something else but now want to know more about the Mysterious Wreck quest, you're in the right spot. Below, we'll explain how to start the Mysterious Wreck quest so that you can use the clay you've found to sail to a new location and meet Ariel.

Disney Dreamlight Valley screenshot showing a person wearing a Buzz Lightyear helmet on a sandy island next to a wrecked wooden raft.

How to start the Mysterious Wreck quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Upon reaching Dazzle Beach, you'll probably get wrapped up helping Ursula escape her cave in the With Great Power quest. However, there's another key quest here that you can start by heading to the small island behind Goofy's shop on the beach. If you cross the shallow water behind his stall, you'll find a wrecked raft. There is also a paddle in the sand nearby. Pick up the paddle to start the Mysterious Wreck quest.

After getting the paddle, give it to Goofy and he'll offer to help fix the wrecked raft. Goofy will ask for the following resources to complete the Mysterious Wreck:

  • Hardwood x30
  • Rope x7
  • Clay x25
  • Iron Ingot x10

Gather these resources, using the section above to find clay if you're struggling, and take them back to Goofy to fix the mysterious wreck and sail to a new location to meet Ariel. If you're not sure how to get rope, you'll need to gather seaweed. You can then use seaweed to make fiber, which you can then use to craft rope. Make sure to check out our guide on how to get seaweed in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

That wraps up our guide on how to get clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but we have plenty of guides for other quests. For example, make sure to check out our guides on how to make ratatouille and how to make crudites in Disney Dreamlight Valley if you want to unlock Remy. If you're trying to raise your friendship with characters, take a look at our guide on how to increase friendship levels quickly in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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