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Disney Dreamlight Valley release time: When does Disney Dreamlight Valley unlock?

Discover when you can enter Disney Dreamlight Valley

Want to know the Disney Dreamlight Valley release time? Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life sim similar to Animal Crossing that is coming to PC and consoles. In it, you will help save Dreamlight Valley from a mysterious plague known as the Forgetting. Along the way, you'll meet, chat, and hang out with all of your favourite Disney characters. Mickey Mouse, Moana, Merlin, and more live in the Dreamlight Valley, and it isn't long until you can hop in and meet them yourself.

In this guide, we'll cover the Disney Dreamlight Valley release date and time, and also cover a few other important points, such as whether Disney Dreamlight Valley is free to play and whether it has multiplayer.

Disney Dreamlight Valley release time

Disney Dreamlight Valley releases on Tuesday, September 6th in Early Access on Steam, Epic Games Store, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. You can find the exact Disney Dreamlight Valley release time for your region below, as provided by the game's official Twitter account:

  • West Coast US: Tuesday, September 6th, 6am PST
  • East Coast US: Tuesday, September 6th, 9am EST
  • UK: Tuesday, September 6th, 2pm BST
  • Europe: Tuesday, September 6th, 3pm CEST

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available to pre-load on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and through the Microsoft Store on PC. Those who will play on PlayStation or via Steam or the Epic Games Store must wait until Disney Dreamlight Valley releases before they can start the download.

Disney Dreamlight Valley versions

To play this Early Access version, you must purchase a founder's pack or have Xbox Game Pass. Those who have Xbox Game Pass will be able to play the Standard Edition. The full launch is currently slated for 2023, but a specific date has not yet been confirmed.

Purchasing any Founder's Pack will grant you Early Access so that you can start playing from September 6th, but they also have some extras that you can use in-game. Below, we'll break down what's included in each version of Disney Dreamlight Valley:

Standard Edition:

  • Early Access to Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • 8000 Moonstones
  • Two wearable items and nine decoration items
  • Three design motifs

Deluxe Edition:

  • Early Access to Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • 14500 Moonstones
  • All standard edition cosmetic items
  • Celestial Sea Turtle animal companion and seven wearable items
  • 10 decoration items
  • Three design motifs
  • Deluxe jersey and Mickey Mouse donut headband

Ultimate Edition:

  • Early Access to Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • 20000 Moonstones
  • All standard and deluxe edition cosmetic items
  • Regal Fox animal companion and four wearable items
  • 15 decoration items
  • Three design motifs
  • Ultimate jersey and Mickey Mouse donut headband

Is Disney Dreamlight Valley free to play?

You must pay to access the Early Access version of Disney Dreamlight Valley - unless you have an Xbox Game Pass membership, in which case you'll automatically gain access to the Standard Edition of Dreamlight Valley.

However, Disney Dreamlight Valley will be free to play when it leaves Early Access in 2023.

Is Disney Dreamlight Valley multiplayer?

Disney Dreamlight Valley is currently a single player game, but Gameloft hopes to include multiplayer content in future updates according to IGN. Whether multiplayer comes during Early Access or after the full launch remains to be seen, but we can at least stay hopeful that we'll get to share our Dreamlight Valleys with friends one day.

That's it for our Disney Dreamlight Valley release time guide, but there's plenty more to learn! Take a look at Graham's recent post about the Disney Dreamlight Valley character creator to learn more about the customisation options, or take a look at Disney Dreamlight Valley's gameplay.

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