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How to upgrade your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Learn how to upgrade and expand your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Want to know how to upgrade your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley? When you start Disney Dreamlight Valley, your house is a hovel. It certainly isn’t a Disney castle to dance around while saving Dreamlight Valley. Fortunately, you can upgrade your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley, with options to expand rooms, build new rooms, and add new floors. However, you’ll need to complete a few quests first.

In this guide, we’ll break down how to upgrade your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to upgrade your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock house upgrades, you’ll need to help Scrooge McDuck with a few quests around Dreamlight Valley. You can find a list of the three quests that you must complete below:

  • Making Cents of Things
  • Scrooge McDuck’s Grand Re-Opening
  • Dreamlight Valley Economy 101

These quests are mostly simple, with the exception of earning 1000 star coins for the first quest and finding seven gems for the last. If you're struggling to earn 1000 coins, you get lots of coins as rewards for raising your friendship level. You can find gems by mining rocks in any area. To get gems faster, invite a villager who has the mining role. As you mine rocks, they will occasionally find extra items.

Disney Dreamlight Valley screenshot showing the upgrade screen where you can buy and expand rooms in your house. There are two gridded squares and two grey squares on a blueprint.

After selling the gems, Scrooge will add an elevator to your house. When you use the elevator, it will bring up a new menu that you can use to make the rooms in your house bigger for the following prices:

  • Medium upgrade: 1000 star coins
  • Large upgrade: 2000 star coins

Buy the first upgrade and then head back outside and look for a sign. You can interact with this sign to purchase more susbtantial house upgrades, which all make the outside look better and add more storage capacity. You can find the three upgrades listed below with their respective price and other effects:

  • First upgrade (2000 star coins): Unlock option to build new rooms
  • Second upgrade (20000 star coins): Unlock second floor
  • Third upgrade (75000 star coins): Unlock third floor

After getting the first house upgrade, you can build a new room in three sizes, which cost the same as the room upgrades mentioned earlier. A small room costs 1000 coins, a medium room costs 2000, and a large room costs 3000. This means you can just buy large rooms without needing to upgrade them all if you have the cash.

That's everything you need to know to unlock house upgrades in Disney Dreamlight Valley. However, there's plenty more to do. To unlock Remy, you must learn how to make crudites and ratatouille in Disney Dreamlight Valley. To get Ursula, you must complete the With Great Power quest. For Ariel, you'll need to know how to get clay and seaweed in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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