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Ooh You Rascal! Divinity: Original Sin Adds AI Personalities

Maniacs, Judges, Priests, and more

A nice bit of conflict always livens up a party--an argument here, a thrown punch there, an explosive cloud of poison out in the garden. As promised, Larian have added more AI personality profiles to Divinity: Original Sin so you can stoke friendships and flare-ups if you fancy. This was planned for launch but, er, they ran out of time while it was in Early Access. The first patch arrived yesterday, bringing AI personalities along with oodles of bug fixes and balance tweaks and other patchy stuff.

The personalities dictate how your non-active main character will respond to things. Before the options were basically limited to being Loyal, but now they can have the personality of Knight, Rascal, Maniac, Judge, Priest, Free, or Spirit. I assume those last two are meant to be one option, "free spirit," and this is just a bug in the menus, but who can tell with fantasy RPGs? Perhaps those options mean Hippy and Ghost. "WooOoOOOOoooOooOo" your archer groans while her companion tries to fleece someone, "this may have graaaAAaaAave consequencesssSssSSs."

Adam noted the absence of AI personalities in Wot He Thought, so he shall be pleased.

The patch is compatible with old saves. If you already started adventuring with those boring old AI presets, I understand--and cryptically hint--that you needn't start over to use them as players get the opportunity to change them at a certain point. So I'm told. I haven't reached that yet myself. Adam and I have vague intentions to co-op at some point, and I look forward to a big barney.

Do check the patch notes for the big long list of 150+ changes in this patch.

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