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Springing Into Spring: Divinity - Original Sin

Rain of fire

It's taken an enormous amount of willpower to resist the charms of Divinity: Original Sin since the Early Access version arrived on Steam. It's not that I'm worried about playing parts of the game before it's complete - I've already spent two days in its company - it's that I'm in need of an RPG partner. Far too many of my friends are either unnerved by the idea of traipsing through a fantasy world with me while I talk to dogs, cats and cows, or they're digging their heels in and waiting for the full game to be released. A new video shows some of the environments due when that happy event occurs, sometime in Spring. There are also weather effects. Around thirty seconds in, a big ol' monster slips on some ice and falls on its arse.

Anyone who hasn't played the game may not realise the importance the elements. Simply put, it's possible to summon rain that soaks enemies, which makes them more vulnerable to a chain lightning attack. Hit them with a sword and they will most likely bleed. If the blood were to freeze, it might cause the enemies to lose their footing. Because they're walking on their own frozen blood.

Yes. Weather is fun.

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Divinity: Original Sin

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