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How Divine! Divinity: Original Sin Gets New Companions

Definitively diviner Divinity.

Divinity: Original Sin is at the very top of my "ooo, RPGs" teetering stack, making it actually significantly more difficult to reach than if it were in the middle somewhere. It's nice, then, that while waiting for me personally to get around to it, Larian Studios keep updating their Kickstarter-funded hit. The latest update comes along with some free DLC that adds two new companions. They are Bairdotr (pronounced "Bear Daughter," awesomely), a ranger who is seeking the druid that raised her, and Wolgraff, a mute rogue who's been stealing from a wishing well. Also updated are the systems for listening to the conversations being had by your co-op partner and a number of minor fixes, which are listed over on Steam. Update video below.

To get the DLC you'll need to update your game via GOG or make sure you're fully patched on Steam.

Also released recently was a lengthy post-mortem blog post where studio head Swen Vincke goes over how Divinity: Original Sin is doing and what's coming next. Their next major update will be for skills, mostly improving the less interesting ones, and more difficulty levels for dedicated players. They've also begun work on their next game, but are keeping understandably quiet about it in the early world-building stage. Swen goes into detail about what he learned over the course of development and the reality of independent funding and crunch, well worth a read if you've got time spare.

Intrigued, but unsold? Here's wot Adam thought. Divinity is available through GOG or Steam.

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