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DogFighter Gets Dedicated Servers, Demo

Last night DogFighter fully relaunched itself, with some significant changes. In response to player feedback, the biggest difference is the addition of dedicated servers, along with proper joystick and gamepad support, a long list of bug fixes, and on top of all that, a demo. And to celebrate, the game's 50% off all this week.

The game is a pure arcadey aeronautical combat sim (similar to Attack On Pearl Harbor, which I'm crusading to see re-released on PC), but multiplayer, with seventy billion pick-ups. And now with dedicated servers it's easy-peasy to get a game.

Obviously we all like dedicated servers. Dedication is what we need, if we want to be the best, if we want to beat the rest. So 120 "Retail Dedicated" servers is a splendid move, along with 20 "Demo Dedicated" servers for all those hopping onto the miniaturised version of the game. We're told that Australian servers are coming soon too. And via Multiplay, there's an RPS-dedicated server in there too!

The team behind the game, Dark Water Studios, have made a really cute map charting the progress of the game's development, along with the plans for the next couple of updates.

The demo currently has a bug which means the dedicated servers take a long time to appear, but that's currently being worked on and should be patched out by this evening. And it still works on local severs.

You can read the full list of bug fixes on their Steam forum page, in case you're checking for something that had annoyed you before.

The game's only £6 this week, which seems an excellent bargain.

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