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Don't Be Oreful: BlackSpace

Today's the day for indie projects from former major-developers. After Banner comes BlackSpace from PixelFoundry Games, a group of devs who'd previously been together at EA Sports Tiburon. And it's exclusively for the PC. Good. There's more details, four pictures of rocks, and a (lifeless) teaser trailer for it below.

It's an RTS, combined with some action, and "an emphasis on economic and defensive efficiency within the context of intergalactic mining operations," also including multiplayer, and they keep emphasising, AAA graphics.

This is still a while away, the "Survival Mode" of the game looking to come out in the Winter, but the team seem keen for community involvement at this early stage. Which presumably involves a forum? I don't know - they don't go into details. But this is how the game is described:

"The space age emerges and fleets of ships await their birth. Massive mining rigs scatter into the darkness of space in hopes of finding mineral deposits to prospect for extraction. BlackSpace takes you to the edge of known space where nature's true hostility lay bare. It's here, in the frontiers of the galaxy, that those dubbed the BlackSpace colonists expect to prove that life can not only exist but flourish. It is yet to be demonstrated whether these deep space ventures can yield returns to justify the expense and the risk. You and your crew are among those who believe they can."

Here's the teaser, that doesn't so much tease as sit there doing nothing.

But look at these pictures instead. Er, they're of some rocks:

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