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Don't Get Lost Along The Forest Trail(er)


Name a horrible situation you could find yourself in and I've almost certainly sat through a Discovery channel recreation of it. Les Stroud, Ray Mears, I just recently rewatched all of Bush Tucker Man. Yup, there's now nothing I don't know about watching other people tying to make fire in the bush*. It's for that reason that I'm intrigued by The Forest, a game about surviving after a crash into an island and using the elements to keep you alive. Plants grow, the tide comes in, and the inhabitants of the island want you dead. To keep them at bay you build traps, which is something I'm incredibly excited about. Super grim trailer is below, and I'd suggest you watch it with a parent or guardian. Preferably both.

Traps! This is a different kind of survival. Les Stroud never had to surround his camp in spikes so he could admire the garden of corpses that sprouted up over night. I've been waiting for a game to do traps properly. There was the bonkers Far Cry Xbox game, and a few Garry's Mod modes, but nothing that really gets into the idea of leaving the traps and returning to them. And, yeah, the video also shows you luring the crazed island people into what you've built, but that shot of the player poking his head over his camp's rampart and viewing the grim tableaux is distressingly compelling. I hope they're functional as well as murderous.

The trailer is a tip of the hat to the game's Steam Early Access debut, which is still a few months off at May 22nd.

*Don't you dare cheapen this.

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