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Don't Miss A Beat: Jet Set Radio HD

The weekend was a little grey, a little dull, although even as an Englishman I can't blame the weather for not trying harder. Instead, I'll lay the blame at the door of the internal imbalance that left me huddled on the couch underneath a blanket wishing I could enter the halls of sleep until waking life became slightly less of a chore. What better way to start a new week in which I am a man reinvigorated than with a trailer for Jet Set Radio HD. That'll put the colour back in my cheeks and onto my monitor. Admittedly, it doesn't look more highly defined than the Dreamcast version from where I'm sitting, but it's a treat for the senses nonetheless.

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Of course, it's one of those short trailers that has very long logos at the beginning, which causes a vein in my temple to throb and threatens to invalidate my returning good spirits but, no, I'll soldier on. Forget the logos and drink in the rainbow rebellion and the vibrancy of the city that will not be subdued.

There's a competition to design a piece of radically revolutionary graffiti for the game as well, with prizes including a solar-powered sound system and a beverage shaker, as well as non-PC digital copies of the game. You can still enter if you want to play the game on PC though, I'm sure of it, there's no way they could know your preferences.

Despite the game's message of overthrowing authoritarian cartoons, one of the rules for the competition stipulates that entries must not "reflect any political images or stances", which is understandable if regrettable. I was going to recreate a sombre Nick Clegg face exuding neon green tears.

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