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Don't Starve: Hamlet snuffling into December

Gettin' piggy wit it

You summer holiday to a tropical city populated by aristocratic ambulant ham, I'm sorry to say, must become a winter vacation. Don't Starve developers Klei Entertainment this week announced that they have delayed the launch of its Hamlet expansion from June to December 2018, saying "we're not quite where we want Hamlet to be yet." Which is fair enough: better late than rubbo. In the meantime, you can see more of the possibilities and problems of posh pigpeople in Hamlet's new E3 trailer.

Hamlet is a new singleplayer expansion, taking survivors to a lost city of pigs deep in the jungle. It's all very civilised compared to life in the wilds, though civilisation is hardly without its problems. Expect houses, shops, ancient pig ruins to plunder, new biomes, new items, and terrible new bosses trying to murder you.

"We're sorry for the delay, it's just taking us a bit longer than we anticipated to fill out as much content as we are aiming for," Klei said in this week's announcement.

Don't Starve: Hamlet is due to launch some time in December, hitting Steam (and presumably GOG too).

Klei this week also soft-launched their first-person platformer Hot Lava, a zippy take on the classic playroom game 'the floor is lava'.

Check out our E3 2018 tag for more announcements, trailers, news, and goodness knows what else.

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