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Don't Take Your Life Over Portal: Still Alive

The horrible rumour: a follow-up to Portal, available only on console. Well, that's no rumour - Portal: Still Alive is definitely due to crop up on Xbox 360 later in the year. What we didn't know was exactly what this apparent sequel would comprise. There's been some outrage from the good people of PCinia, concerned that they may been shirked by Valve. Imagine - new levels, new GlaDOS, new Cube, new theme music, all denied to Portal's true devotees.

The happy truth: nah. In fact, you can play Still Alive's extra bits right now.

GameSetWatch's redoubtable Simon Carless Chris Remo managed to squeeze more details out of Valve during an E3 interview. It turns out that the sum total of Portal: Still Alive's additional content will be some of the best maps from a fan level pack. No new plot, no new GlaDOS barbs - just extra puzzles.

Specifically, puzzles from Portal: The Flash Version Map Pack, which contains 3D remakes of 40 levels from the 2D Portal remake. Sort of like the book of the film of the book. So you're missing out on precisely diddly-squat - as you can grab the map pack from here. It's between three and four hours of gratis Portalling, much of it very high quality. And very hard.

So go play if you've not already, then you can tell your 360-owning friends that you've played their super-duper-exclusive before they have, and they will weep and scream and grovel and proclaim you to be a superior species of humanity. Definitely. That will definitely happen.

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