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Doom Eternal Doom Hunter Base collectables: all secrets in the fourth mission

The hunter becomes the hunted

All along the fourth mission of Doom Eternal, you will see a Doom Hunter being constructed. A rather ominous prospect and with good reason, as at the end of the level is a boss fight. However, this is not the only thing you can find here as there are quite a few collectable items to seek.

Doom Eternal Doom Hunter Base collectables guide

This mission of Doom Eternal has 16 collectable secrets to be found. You only need to wade through the regular enemies and find the collectables here though, as there are no secret encounters or Slayer Keys here. Instead it has a boss at the end that you'll need to defeat.

As always, it's worth noting that at the end of the level, you'll unlock the ability to Fast Travel to specific points in the level. If you miss any collectables, that will be the time to find them unhindered. The Automap here is found after walking through the teleporter. Go through the door and turn right to find it.


Here are all of the locations for every hidden secret in the fourth mission.

Doom Hunter Base collectable locations

  • Praetor Suit Point #1: In the first main room where you fight enemies, climb the walls until you reach the top. Turn around and swing on the pole back the way you came. The knight is to the right, so you’ll need to double jump and dash to make it to him.
  • Weapon Mod #1: It is on the left in the room as you head towards the first main battlefield.
  • Sentinel Battery #1: Once you’ve killed the enemies in the room with the walkway, go underneath it and check the middle column. There is a vent on the floor you can punch to access it, leading you to the battery.
  • Codex Entry #1: From the first Sentinel Battery, carry on with the level and go up the stairs. It should be in plain view at the top.
  • Toy #1: In the foundry where two Revenants appear, climb up the ledges but instead of using the one moving horizontally, climb up the ledge at the back that rises and falls. When it’s at the top, double jump and dash towards the hole to find the toy.
  • Codex Entry #2: After finding the toy, double jump and dash to the door ahead. The Codex is in front of you.
  • Rune #1: In the same room as the Codex Entry above, you’ll see the Rune statue.
  • Cheat Disk #1: After releasing the top of the Doom Hunter from its coffin, climb up the column in the newly revealed room, leaping across to the wall back where you came. Jump to the room on the other side of the hazardous floor and push the button. Climb the revealed climbable wall to the top to get the disk.
  • Praetor Suit Point #2: Drop down the column where the disk is to find the knight.
  • Record #1: From the top of the column where the disk is, look to the left of the room where the button was. Jump to the wall, then leap across onto the column on the other side. Clamber all the way around until you can reach the hole in the centre. The record is inside the column.
  • Sentinel Battery #2: When trying to find the red key card, leap onto the floating coffin, then as you make your way across to the ship, dash through the window. Turn right as you enter to find the battery.
  • Sentinel Crystal #1: From the battery, jump out of the window and head to the rear of the ship to find the crystal.
  • Praetor Suit Point #3: After opening the red door, deal with the enemies inside, then climb up the stairs. Turn right and climb onto the boxes. The knight is inside the hidden area at the top.
  • Praetor Suit Point #4: After leaping off the three floating coffins, head up and circle around the entire perimeter of the building emitting sparks. At the end you’ll find the knight.
  • Codex Entry #3: After seeing more of the Doom Hunter being constructed, head down to the door and walk through. You should see the Codex Entry in the middle of the path ahead.
  • Toy #2: From the Codex Entry beforehand, turn around and walk backwards until you see a green target. Shoot it to reveal a hidden path and the toy.


  • Musical Interlude: Find a collectable album
  • Big Reveal: Use the automap station
  • Fire in the Hole: Kill three demons with a single frag grenade

Doom Eternal Doom Hunter Base collectables

You'll find a boss at the end of this level which is worth a whopping five Weapon Points. This means there are no secret encounters or Slayer Keys to worry about in this level. They do return in the next level, so we'll explain where to find them and all the other collectables in the following guides:

Doom Eternal collectables

Doom Eternal guides series

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