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Doom Eternal Final Sin and Fortress Of Doom collectables: how to get the final secrets

Secret disk locations in the hub area

Now, I know what you're thinking. Why have I combined the collectables for the final level and the hub area of Doom Eternal? The fact of the matter is that the final level only has one collectable to be found, but the hub area also has a couple of secret items that are very well hidden.

Doom Eternal Final Sin and Fortress Of Doom collectables guide

The final mission of Doom Eternal has just one collectable item to be found. It's also not a very hard collectable to find as the Codex Entry is on the main path. There are a lot of enemies in the mission though, so it can be easy to bypass it.

Here is the location of the hidden item in the final mission of Doom Eternal.

Final Sin collectable locations

  • Codex Entry #1: The final Codex Entry is just after you’ve climbed a lift shaft. A hologram will be in the same room.

Fortress Of Doom collectables

With regards to the Fortress Of Doom, the best time to find the collectables is after the Final Sin mission.

Sentinel Batteries will unlock the vast majority of the collectables you can find here. These include Praetor Suit points, weapon mods, and even custom skins for the Doomguy. All are easily accessible by walking around the hub area and shown on the automap, so you should not need further guidance here.

What you may need guidance for are the two Cheat Disks. They are surprisingly well hidden and are likely the last collectables you need to complete the game. So where are they? Well wonder no more, as both of their locations are below.

  • Cheat Disk #1: Unlock the Praetor Armor with two Sentinel Batteries. It's behind the chamber on the bridge that is intact. Look left to find a hole in the wall. Drop down and make the ledge to find the disk. A portal takes you back to the top.
  • Cheat Disk #2: From the portal room, turn around to look at the generator. You’ll see a question mark that’s just out of reach. Look at the windows far up and to the right. One of them has a mine on it. Shoot it and red gas will emit from the floor in a specific slot, which you can boost up to nab the disk.

You should now have every single collectable in the game. Did you miss any along the way? Well you can have a look at our guides for all the other collectables in Doom Eternal:

Doom Eternal Final Sin and Fortress Of Doom collectables

Doom Eternal collectables

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