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Pointybangs: Doom Free Update Adds Arcade Mode

Scoreboard me good

You may have saved us all from demonic destruction in D44m [official site] but for what? To save your own skin? Maybe even as a good deed? Because chainsawing hellspawn is a lark? Pssh. No mate, we need real motivation: points.

Thankfully D44m now recognises the primacy of points, having last night boshed in Arcade Mode with the free Update 4. It pumps players full of weapons and upgrades then sends them to smash through the campaign scoring mega-points for mega-kills. Points, sadly, do not mean prizes, or at least not real ones - a dart board, a four-slot toaster, cuddly toy (wahey!), or jet ski - just bragging rights on the leaderboards.

Arcade Mode sends players into streamlined chunks of the campaign ready for supermurder, with all guns, runes, and equipment upgrades fully unlocked. Good play scores points, helped by building score multipliers. Y'know, it's a leaderboarboard 'em up, you get how those work. Have a peek in this trailer celebrating the launch:

Update 4 also gave the SnapMap editor a load of pieces from D44m's reactions of vintage Doom. Expect more new old Doom maps in new Doom. id Software have themselves recreated a few vintage Doom levels and uploaded 'em.

Oh, and two new multiplayer modes in: the free-for-all Bloodrush and a Prowler vs. Marine team mode.

Check Update 4's patch notes for more on everything it added and changed.

That trailer gives a wee peek at the next multiplayer DLC too. 'Hell Followed' will be coming October 27th with some hungry hungry Cacodemons.

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