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Vacating Mars: Jupiter Hell Is The DoomRL sequel

Hell on Ganymede

DoomRL (which we've written on often) was one of many clever attempts to adapt The Grandaddy Of Murder Sims to other genres, and also one of the most successful, especially in terms of restoring a certain element of creeping menace to a game that's like a cartoon played at lightspeed nowadays. The RL stands for roguelike, which stands for lots and lots of caution, tension and death.

Devs ChaosForge have now announced Jupiter Hell, a spiritual successor that's going out of its way not to mention Mars or words that rhyme with 'broom'.

They've put almost nothing on their website about it, which seems a bit of a waste of a website, but fortunately IndieStatik have only gone and rounded up all the words about it. A Kickstarter is inbound, and the move to active pursuit of filthy lucre means they have to be very careful about Doom references, lest the beast of Bethesda come calling. Let's hope there aren't any scrolls it in either.

Lest you were wondering how a game might be staged on the primarily gaseous planet of Jupiter, the answer is that it'll be primarily set on its moons. The plan is also to go 3D, having been purely ASCII then later (thanks to the help of Dereky 'Spelunky' Yu') 2D on DoomRL.

No footage or screenshots, but pre-rendered trailer is go:

Kickstarter for an as-yet undecided cash sum will arrive soon, hopefully accompanied by actual footage.

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