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Cruisin' For A Brusin': Door Kickers Adds New Campaign

Choppy waters.

It seems like only yesterday that I was writing about Door Kickers, a top-down game of tactical breach and clear maneuvers. Actually it was two days ago though, when we named it our favourite tactical game of the year. Now an update for the game has been released which adds a new campaign called Terror At Sea.

Is it about being trapped on a small raft with me while I feel sea sick? I can't be sure it's not, as I haven't played it yet.

Version 1.03 also adds 7 new weapons, the ability to easily compare stats between available equipment and that currently equipped, and a three-dozen other small additions and bug fixes.

The most useful of which to me is maybe the new 'Delta' Go command, since go commands are how you coordinate your units to perform actions in unison. Previously there was only space on the interface for setting Alpha, Bravo and Charlie orders, which would mean that on complicated missions you would run out of space. That's technically fine - you can just pause, add new orders, and resume - but I like to try to give every order required to complete a mission at the very start, so that I can then hit play and watch my tactics play out in a single movement. Maybe this addition means that I'm not alone.

But probably I am alone.

Like all other Door Kickers campaigns Terror At Sea unlocks once your squad reaches level six by playing through the standalone missions, but the new addition will be harder than any of the original campaigns. The first person to send a screenshot with the campaign's victory screen in Iron Man mode to the devs will win "a trooper portrait and a limited run Door Kickers T-Shirt."

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