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Pit Party! Dota 2 Has Added Underlord

Next: monkey magic

It's taken three years but Valve have now brought the full DotA hero lineup into Dota 2 [official site]. Underlord (formerly known as Pitlord) was the final hero, arriving in an update last night. He's a four-legged fella loosely styled after Mannoroth from Warcraft 3 (shh! no one tell Blizzard's lawyers), a strength hero with some nasty area of effect spells and the ability to teleport his whole dang team. Enjoy these few days when Underlord is picked in every game but no one knows how to play him or play against him. Next up for Dota 2, all-new heroes!

Pittypoo is a roaming Wrestlemania. He can pop up out of nowhere with his pals, throw down an arena that snares enemies, drops waves of fire, and sap strength from foes.

His Q spell is Firestorm, a ground-targeted AoE calling down waves of fire for several seconds which deal a percentage of enemies' max health as damage and makes them burn for a bit too. W is Pit of Malice, a ground-targeted AoE which for seven seconds creates a zone that'll deal damage and snare enemies in it - but each can only be hit once. His E is a passive ability, Atrophy Aura, which over time lowers the attack damage of nearby enemies and gives Underlord a temporary damage boost if they die. Lastly, his ultimate is Dark Rift, which, after a short delay, teleports Undie and nearby allied heroes to the location of any friendly unit. Surprise! The Pit Party is here.

Here's a look at Underlord's abilities from that DotaCinema rabble:

Dota 2's Dark Rift Update also brings post-game summaries breaking down important numbers and moments from battles, and teammate summaries tracking your history with specific players.

Now Pitlord is here, Valve are working on all-new heroes. Well... not all-new: the Monkey King as a cultural figure is hundreds of years old. He was born from an egg on a mountain top, you know. The punkiest monkey that ever popped, they say. It is a bit strange seeing a mythological character appear into Dota - that's more Smite's territory. Sure, he's been casually referenced in an item, but that's quite different. I wonder if Valve are playing to Chinese players here but hey, that'd be okay - I'm excited to experience his monkey magic.

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