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Dota Underlords is adding prison

The Dungeon deepens

I presumed Dota Underlords was already set in some sort of dungeon, so it pleases me that Valve will soon add an additional prison. This is just one part of the upcoming Big Update, which will add a buncha new heroes while substantially changing how the game works. Valve will be jailing 8-12 random heroes each day in an attempt to keep things fresh, but ensuring that all alliances can still be completed. It sounds like a neat way of keeping people on their toes, and makes the job of anyone writing guides for this often inscrutable auto-battler even harder. My thoughts are with Ollie in this trying time.

On closer inspection Dunderlords takes place in an underground town, and my prejudices clearly need to be kept in check. Let us look at these upcoming heroes with the respect they are due.

Valve have been teasing the Big Update with a post a day until it's out. They started four days ago, and you can click through to see all those.

Some interesting stuff there. Legion Commander is the sole hero with the new 'Champion' alliance, which means she benefits from every single alliance you've cobbled together. That sounds wild and overpowered, but that's always been Valve's philosophy when it comes to building up their battlers.

We've also got Brutes, Healers and Insects. The three personalities. Brutes plant a damage debuff on every enemy they hit, Healers amplify healing, and Insects coat the board in spiderlings that bite enemies to give them a miss chance. I am looking forward to figuring out which of my units are actually effective while squinting through additional spiders.

I do wonder if that's going to be a growing problem. As I said in my Dota Underlords review, one of the most infuriating parts of Underlords is how difficult it can be to figure out how to improve. We'll see, though. Prison should help.

Valve haven't said exactly when the Big Update is due. My best guess is near the end of this week or the start of the next.

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We may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy.

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