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Double Jump = Coverage: Celestial Mechanica

Laura Shigihara got in touch with us to let us know about another project she's been working on. Coming to fame via singing the Plants Vs. Zombies theme, Shigihara recently worked on To The Moon, and now she alerts us to Celestial Mechanica. Created by Roger "rComplex" Hicks and Paul "Super Crate Box" Veer, Shigihara provides the vocals to the (impressive) music. And the game? A pixel-platformer with Metroidvania progression. There's a trailer below.

I've had a very quick play (until I got stuck) and it seems a sweet little game. Nothing astonishingly original so far, but solid and interesting. The only issue I've come up against is the double-jump button seemingly firing itself off too early, causing lots of failed jumps. I've been playing with my 360 controller (which I much prefer for platform games), which involves running a separate app called JoyToKey along with the game (included), which may be the cause of that issue.

The game is already available, although it's being demoed at the Tokyo Game Show this week. You can buy it in Japan here, and for the US and UK (and presumably elsewhere), here. It's a weeny $5. I'm going to give it a proper play and come back with some impressions soon. Meanwhile, form your own impressions of the trailer:

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