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Double Kick Heroes adds more modes so your guitar doesn't have to weep

All shiny and chrome.

Double Kick Heroes is still in early access (and has been for over a year), but I reckon it should be on any rhythm or metal fan's radar. This week, developers Headbang Club rolled out an important-feeling patch. Surprising nobody, the Going Rogue update adds a roguelike-esque survival mode to the game called Fury Road, letting you play around with its fiddly mix of evasion and frenetic drumming with some interesting modifiers. Alternatively, the Chill Mode removes the monsters chasing you, letting you shred to your heart's content. See how it's shaping up below.

There's a little more to this update (full notes here) than just a couple new modes. The main story now goes up to Chapter 6 (I hope they're going up to 11, but that might be a bit much), and getting through any new tracks should be a walk in the park. There's a new Auto Steering option so that you only have to worry about the rhythm game part, while the AI dodges boss attacks up top if that was just one level of complexity too many. Of course, if you're mad you can also change the speed at which the note bar scrolls. Max it out if you're one of those Beatmania super-freaks. I dare you.

As well as all these new modes, the game currently has a lengthy track list. 30+ songs (with guests) from Elmobo, plus nine guest tracks from other games and bands. The screenshot up top is from KAMMTHAAR by guest band Ultra Vomit. You should watch the video - it is very silly. The best part is that all the guest tracks get custom backdrops and baddies to fit the action. This Means War by Volkor X (again, a cool video) swaps out the apocalypse for a neon future city, and zombies for space cops. There's even a note-chart editor too, so hopefully the metal will live on (past release).

Given that they're over six months past their "six months in early access" estimate, it's anyone's guess when it's finally launching. There's a lot to enjoy right here and now, though. It's good fun, and something I hope to play more of soon.

Double Kick Heroes is in early access and costs £13.49/€16.99/$16.99. You can find it on Steam and Itch, or around 20% off on GOG and Humble. It's published by Hound Picked Games.

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