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Que Sera Sera: Free Dragon Age Pub Songs & Sheet Music

10 Tavern songs for no pennies

In all honesty, I'm not especially on fire with passion at the news of free Dragon Age Inquisition song downloads, but I don't often get to use the phrase "sheet music" in this line of work, so carpe diem.

If you've played DAI, you may remember the folksy tavern songs which presented a barderrific take on your companions' exploits and, in keeping with the game's gotta catch 'em all mania, were themselves a collectible/achievement thingamywotsit. I guess some folk were disappointed that they had to stumble across pub bands relatively at random, and have been requesting copies of the merry tunes in order to play them at their leisure.

Bioware have now done just that, though the downloads are only free until Feb 9th. Also included with the download is the original sheet music for each of the 10 songs. Sheet music! Sheet music sheet music sheet music.

If you're of a mind to try and play these tavern tunes yourself, you can enter your renditions into the Dragon Age Fan Celebration Contest. For this, Bioware ask that you "Show your love of Thedas by submitting Dragon Age inspired art, music, videos, cosplay or any other form of expression." I'm going to shave then varnish my head, inject every part of my face with botox and practice my Welsh brogue. It will be a perfect Solas impersonation, and it will almost certainly win me an Xbox or a poster or something.

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