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A Frostbitten Land: Dragon Age Not-III Gets A Shiny Trailer

Aiming skyrim-high

This year? THIS YEAR? Why was I not told of this? (I was. It's just that I have the memory of a Leveson Inquiry witness these days). Yes, fantasy RPG sequel Dragon Age Inquistion is due this Autumn/Fall, and much as Bioware have some faith-rebuilding to do after the double-whammy of Dragon Age II and Mass Effect Ending-Gate, I really would like a big, fat, indulgent, glossy RPG on my hard drive right now. Will it be Dragon Age Not-III? The trailer below, which focuses on Frostbite 3 engine-powered environments, suggests I will at least be cooing at its surface.

The new game is set in the world of "Thedas" and covers environments from "war-torn plains to jagged coast". Looks like there'll be another undegroundy dwarfy section too. With DICE's Battlefield engine powering it, it's suggesting something visually spectacular, in marketing materials at least. This appears to be all in engine, though obv it's all fancy camera angles and whatnot:

How's that, then? Any good for you? I THOUGHT NOT YOU MISERIGUTS.

Seriously though: wouldn't it be lovely if Bioware had taken everything we all grumbled about on board and this turned out to be super-amazing? Sometimes it's fun to hope!

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