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Dragon Age 4's magic archer concept art looks well cool

Hinting at a new potential character and location?

On Friday, Dragon Age 4's executive producer Christian Dailey shared a lovely new bit of concept art for BioWare's upcoming RPG. It's a beautiful piece featuring an archer stood amongst some autumnal ruins. Concept art is about all we've seen of the game so far - well, that, and a short teaser at last year's Game Awards. But nevertheless, it's got my mind racing with lots of Dragon Age thoughts, and I reckon we can determine a potential location and character class from it.

Here's the full image of the archer in question from Christian Dailey's tweet:

Get a load of that spiky bow.

This character looks super similar to the one that appeared in the aforementioned teaser (and could very well be the same person). It didn't occur to me while watching that trailer, but if this is a player character design, it hints at the possibility of a magic speciality for rogues, or even an archery speciality for mages. That would be Well Cool. In Dragon Age: Origins, you could unlock the Arcane Warrior specialisation for mages which allowed you to equip them with bows. Alas, they couldn't earn any archery perks, so it didn't work very well.

Going further into the speculation hole, if the character in this is indeed an Arcane Warrior of some kind, it implies we might meet some ancient elves in Dragon Age 4 (ancient elves were the original Arcane Warriors). We already met some of these in Inquisition, during the Trespasser DLC (and it just so happens that this concept character is wearing similar armour to them as well).

What's more, the background of this art looks like a location directly out of Trespasser too. The floating rocks and buildings just off to the sides are reminiscent of the Crossroads - a dimension between the Fade (where all the spirits live) and the real world that the Inquisitor accesses via Eluvians (magic mirrors).

Of course, all this is speculation from one meagre (but gorgeous) piece of concept art. It's just fun to think about!I loved exploring the Crossroads in Inquisition, it'd be brilliant to see more of it in the future. Man, I can't wait for more Dragon Age.

Judging from all the tantalising glimpses BioWare have shown us about the next Dragon Age so far, I also think the game might be set in Tevinter. It's probably a long way off yet, though.

In the meantime, at least we have the Mass Effect trilogy remaster to look forward to.

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