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Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch Ups The Banter

Hot bantz

I was reading through Dragon Age: Inquisition's 1.03 patch notes for the information on how the banter system has changed. I haven't actually got to Inquisition yet in my playing of the series so I was kind of peeking but trying to squint so I could look away at the first sign of a spoiler* without having accidentally read the whole thing.

The banter change is just a minor change to make the chatter less random in when it occurs and thus avoid long periods of silence – a good thing I'd say (confidently, having not played Inquisition) because the banter is the reason I really warmed up to the series.

In terms of other fixes deemed noteworthy by the developers, Bioware, they have also been working to fix quest-blocking bugs for both Dorian and Sera's personal quests and a spawning issue with Solas's personal quest.

Which is nice.

But the notes also do what all good patch notes do and list a couple of fixes which conjure up excellent mental imagery when left without context:

"Fixed issue that could cause Varric’s legs to do odd things in some opt-in conversations."

I never want to know what his legs were doing during all of this because it won't be anywhere near as entertaining as the skit that's playing out in my own mind right now.

"Fixed issue that could cause Harmon to disappear in certain circumstances."

I don't know who Harmon is, and I don't care. In my own mind he's some kind of genie, popping in and out of existence

*I mean I probably haven't been entirely successful but what I've read has no context so unless it's big plot stuff I won't remember it.

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