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Not Dinosaurs: Dragon Age's Trespasser DLC Released

Wrapping up and waving farewell

You've inquired, exsanguinated, and imbibed your way across half of Thedas, but now the adventures in Dragon Age: Inquisition [official site] are drawing to a close. BioWare today released the final DLC for their fantasy RPG, named Trespasser (no, not dinosaurs), and say "Character relationships and big moments are at the forefront of the Inquisitor's final adventure." That makes me imagine it may be like Mass Effect 3's Citadel DLC, which gave the whole gang a big old send off before they went away to die, become cyborgs, and whatnot. The base game's on sale to mark the launch too.

A 60% discount brings Inquisition down to £19.99, which isn't much higher than the Trespasser DLC's own price tag: £11.99.

I do not like EA's decision to stop bundling BioWare's games together with their DLC in 'Game of the Year' or whatever editions, but instead selling it all piecemeal at full price for years. I'd like to play ME3's DLCs but at this point - and for ages past, and for who knows how many years to come? - they cost more than the base game. Heck, ME3 costs £3.99 right now in this BioWare sale Origin appears to be hosting; Citadel alone is still £9.

ANYWAY, onto Trespasser! It'll venture into new zones, duff up a load of Qunari, and reveal a few mysteries about the Fade. Here are some official approved marketing words:

"You are the Inquisitor and you must decide the Inquisition's final fate. A tremendous enemy threatens Thedas. The stakes are nothing less than the future of the Inquisition. Your mark burns with the magic of the Fade. Danger is everywhere. Thwart assassins. Fight back an invasion. Even after the Breach has been closed, Dragon Age: Inquisition - Trespasser presents an all-new single player adventure that ups the stakes and then some."

And here's a video showing a bit.

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