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Dragon Age 4 to reveal more at The Game Awards

Will it be a true trailer at last?

Looks like we're in store for some more Dragon Age 4, folks. BioWare have released some new short stories set in Thedas to celebrate Dragon Age Day and have also said that they're planning a new Dragon Age-related reveal during The Game Awards on December 10th.

The first teaser for Dragon Age 4 was revealed at The Game Awards in 2018, so I admit I'd already been anticipating this year's show thinking BioWare might arrange for a follow up. No more wondering necessary, since they've now tipped us off in a press release indicating that "the next reveal" for the future of Dragon Age will be happening during the event.

As for what they'll show or announce, heck, I don't know. Maybe they'll tell us its name. "Dragon Age 4" is just a guess and placeholder for now.

So far, the things we know about the next game are slim pickings. BioWare gave another Dragon Age 4 teaser this summer which was some shots of pretty-looking environments and then a behind the scenes video (just above) that showed quite a lot of concept art and some voice acting being recorded.

BioWare also posted some new very short stories today set in the Dragon Age universe which they say "help paint the picture for the future of Dragon Age". The stories don't provide a ton of information to go on, at least not to my out of practice eye, but could point to characters for the next game. The new shorts feature characters who've also appeared in the longer collection of published short stories from earlier this year called Tevinter Nights. I'm only about halfway through the collection at the moment, but I recognize at least three of the characters from today's stories from their appearances in Tevinter Nights. Based on some of the past Dragon Age companion novels, that could very well be setting them up as side characters during part of Dragon Age 4's story.

In other recent BioWare news, Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah have left the company. Hudson was BioWare's general manager and Darrah was Dragon Age's executive producer.

The Game Awards, the yearly awards show that also manages to pack in quite a lot of trailers and announcements, will air on December 10th, so that's when we'll be getting our next—or perhaps first proper—look at Dragon Age 4.

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