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Every Dogma Has Its Day: Dragon's Dogma Out Jan 15th

New year, old RPG

When I watch trailers for Dragon's Dogma [official site], I'm not quite sure what I'm all excited about. It looks like a hacky and slashy RPG with some big ol' monsters and a full party system, and that's fine, but what makes it stand out from the pack? It's the voices of friends who played the console release that elevate it rather than anything in the videos - someone once told me that Dragon's Dogma is like a party-based Dark Souls and I was sold there and then.

And that's why I'm excited that this latest trailer reveals that the game comes to PC on January 15th, even though the trailer itself isn't all that exciting.

Sure, some people are probably excited about the 4Ks and the 60FPS, and maybe it's really genuinely a great thing that during the three year wait for the port, Capcom found a way to integrate all of the DLC at no extra cost. But I can't stop looking at what happens at 1:08. A man jumps on another man's shoulders so that he can stab him in the neck and that's fine, but then the animations of the two characters just do not get along with one another at all and the first man just sort of hovers in mid-air, kneeling on nothing.

If you look at this still, you can sort of imagine that the assailant has somersaulted into a crouching position, perfectly balanced on his enemy's weapon. Now he's doing a nasty guff in their faces, made more potent by the crusty leather of his +2 breeches.

I might not even remark on that kind of glitch while playing but it seems odd that it's crept into a trailer. No matter - Dragon's Dogma is one of the first games of 2016 that I'm thoroughly looking forward to playing.

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Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

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