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Nip/Tuck: Dreamfall Chapters Redesigns Main Characters

You're so fancy

The art of retcon is difficult to master but in the spirit of Happy Days' Chuck Cunningham, who disappeared up the stairs in Episode 1 and was never seen again, the developers of Dreamfall Chapters [official site] have redesigned the game's main characters for Book Three: Realms.

The character design for Kian and Zoe has evolved over the past few installments in the series, although from the look of the latest design Kian has gone from a taught Taye Diggs to Riker from The Next Generation. Am I crazy, or is he an entirely different race now? How curious!

"Please note that this art is not final," a post on Kickstarter reads. "Art director Christoffer will continue to tweak the art next week — but Book Three is indeed called 'Realms'...and both Kian and Zoe have gone through some dramatic changes in the time that's passed since the end of Book Two!"

According to the team, the third chapter of Dreamfall Chapters is ticking along nicely. The focus is now on finishing final assets, but there's no release date just yet. In the meantime, you can check out Adam's thoughts on the series' last entry.

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