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Drift To Experience: Metal Drift

One thing which ensures we'll post your game is if you have an awesome name. In fact, even if for a second we think you have an awesome name. So when Brian Ramage mailed us, I got all excited thinking he was called BRIAN RAMPAGE. But he's not. Momentary sad-face, turning smiling when you realise he's here to tell about a soon-to-be-released-game-on-Steam. It's a multiplayer-hover-craft sports game called Metal Drift, and it's the first fruit of indie Black Jacket Studios, who certainly have the multiplayer lineage being Tribes 2 vets. I had a quick go at the preview-code now, and it seems to walk that line between Battlezone and Speedball 2. Which is a good line to walk. More when we've played more, I suspect, but until then there's info on their site, and beneath the cut you'll find some footage of the game in action.

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Worth clicking through for the HD version, as it's a little fuzzy in normal resolution.

And then here's some later footage showing off the Stealth mode. You're able to select different abilities for the ship at the start of the game, you see...

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Metal Drift - Stealth Upgrade Demo from Black Jacket Studios on Vimeo.

I wish I had a hovercraft with guns and/or was called Brian Rampage. Sad face again.

(Er... the title's a terrible pun based around the awesome Lift To Experience)

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