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Duck Season launches a cheaper but still spooky non-VR version

This is why they exiled it to Smash.

I've always wanted to play Duck Season. I've heard it described as the Pony Island of virtual reality - a cute VR Duck Hunt clone that unfurls into something far more sinister. Unfortunately, due to my lack of future-tech headgear I've not had the chance to play it. Duck Season PC is a version of the game re-worked by Stress Level Zero for the mouse and keyboard crowd, and it launched today. While I can't see it being quite as intense a ride stripped of some of its more immersive elements, I'm still glad to see this version out, and at budget price. See the launch trailer below.

Duck Season is one of those nightmare scenarios that just bounce around children's heads constantly. That jerk dog in Duck Hunt that laughs at you when you miss? What if you could shoot him. What if he didn't like it. What if he REALLY did not like it. Dave Irwin asked the world if they'd played Duck Season back in May, and called it the game that made VR 'click' for him. It's kid-friendly horror. Goosebumps, but immersive - something I'd like to see more of in VR. I've heard good things about the new Five Nights At Freddy's VR game too, which also fits the bill.

Here's a longer look at the game, direct from the developers. Stress Level Zero are also working on the very impressive Boneworks, which looks like it'll be a great showcase of Valve's new finger-tracking Index controllers. Have a look at them testing the hardware and tormenting some NPCs in the name of physics demonstration here.

Unless Valve or HTC decide to send me a surprise package any time soon, I doubt I'll be getting to play around with anything in VR this year. More of these cut-down re-releases until I can scrape together the money and space for my own setup. Maybe there'll be a wireless add-on for the Index by then.

Duck Season PC is out now on Steam for £6.47/€8.99/8.99. The version for the fancy space-goggles crowd is available here for £14.99/€19.99/$19.99

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