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A Keen Deal: Interceptor Purchases 3D Realms/Apogee

Still betting on Duke

I didn't see this coming. Interceptor, the Danish company that recently announced a Duke Nukem ARPG and released the Rise of the Triad remake last year, have bought Apogee Software Ltd (aka the legal name of 3D Realms). This surprises me because I didn't think I'd be writing any stories about 3D Realms in 2014, except perhaps when they licensed Shadow Warrior out for a sequel to the splendid remake. But the senescent studio has already been making headlines in this, the 27th year of its existence. They're not exactly the kind of headlines that would ordinarily lead to a buy-out though.

Maybe Interceptor know something about Duke's legal status that makes the deal useful for the future of Mass Destruction (a game, not an act), or perhaps new Apogee CEO Mike Nielson just really loves Commander Keen. Interceptor's own CEO has confirmed the deal and an official statement is due later today. We'll update when that arrives.

I don't give a baby owl's hoot about Duke but I hope this doesn't take Shadow Warrior away from Flying Wild Hog forever. And, in case anyone is wondering, this doesn't mean anything as far as Blood is concerned. Monolith were the license owners back in the day but Caleb is now lost in the limbo between Atari and Warner Brothers. I think. I'm not even sure anybody knows at this point.

Via Borsen.dk.

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