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Dungeon Mastery: Legends Of Grimrock

Oh my goodness, I'm having Dungeon Master flashbacks of purest/purist happiness. Thank you to reader Mikko-Pentti for pointing us toward Finnish indie project, Legend Of Grimrock. Developers Almost Human Ltd. have just released their first in-game video (below), and it has me clawing at the screen. Tile-based, first-person Dungeon Master-style gaming, but with gorgeous shiny graphics. I want it. I want it now.

Almost Human are four self-described industry veterans, who I'm extremely delighted to learn work in a region called Espoo. The four of them have previously worked variously for Remedy (Alan Wake, Max Payne 2), and Futuremark (Shattered Horizon).

This one goes out to Richard Cobbett.

They're describing Legend Of Grimrock as a "dungeon crawl game", which sends your brain off into the wrong direction really. This is a first-person RPG, built in their own engine, like they made back when the world was pure and there were rainbows over every hillside. Just watch:

Despite the tile-based movement, as you'll see you can still look around nice and easily - that's the barrier that I find makes it so difficult to go back and play those games of yore. I'm desperate to replay Ultima Underworld II, but each time I try I bounce off the horrible lack of mouselook and find my modern brain is too rewired. Please, someone create a System Shock-style mouselook patch for UU2. Pleeeeeease.

But back to Grimrock - look, it even has spell casting! It's like opening the cork on a bottle of my childhood happiness. Pressing the tiny button in the stone wall to open a secret passage! Oh oh oh, I want one. But I'll likely have to wait until the end of this year when the game should be out.

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Legend of Grimrock

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