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Dungeon Siege 3 Redresses Huge Imbalance

That's right! Because the latest trailer for Dungeon Siege 3 introduces both a sexy lady and guns to the upcoming action RPG in a single playable character, and about time too. I for one have had it with the video game industry neglecting the public's palpable hunger for both firearms and optimistic takes on the female form. The games industry will never know the loss they suffered when development of my own game, Boobgun, was ended due to financial inconsistencies, but this is at least a step in the right direction. You can watch the trailer right after the jump, and thanks to VG247 for the tipoff. No, really, VG247. I mean it. Thanks.

Course, I can't bring the full bore of my positivity to bear here because Dungeon Siege was always a universe with powerful steampunk inspirations (mainly thinking of the goblins here), so guns aren't an entirely nonsensical move.

I don't feel quite up to fact checking at this point in time, but if memory serves Dungeon Siege 3 allows you to pick your protagonist from a small number of colourful types, with the characters you don't choose then going on to make up the NPCs who join your party during your travels. Meaning this Katarina character can be your protagonist, if you like.

That said, I believe you only ever fight alongside one NPC at a time, with teams of three or four being limited to online co-op.

How's everybody feeling? I'm feeling OK, and encourage you all to join me on my quest to discover how many bottles of beer is the correct number of bottles of beer. It's a trickier puzzle than any of the crap SpaceChem threw at me.

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