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Humble Store spring sale gives Dungeons 2 away free

Get yr dunge on!

Spring has sprung and Humble have got deals, hun. Their big spring sale has launched with discounts on thousands of games and, for the next day-and-a-bit, free copies of Dungeons 2 for all. Y'know, Dungeons 2, that fantasy overlord strategy game which borrows heavily from Dungeon Keeper and which our Alec really quite liked. Beyond that, heck, it's a big sale: thousands of games are cheaper than usual until Thursday the 25th of May. In the usual Humble way, some games come DRM-free, some offer Steam keys, and some have both options.

Head over to the Humble Store to see a big mess of squillions of cheap games.

Would some personal recommendation help you navigate that? As ever, I have only one: Deadly Premonition for £1.99. Two quid is a great price for one of the greatest games ever made which also has rubbish mandatory combat, crashes often, and requires a mod to even change resolution. It's one of the best games and I love it but you may well hate it and I'd understand if you did but it is great and you might love it but, again, you may very well find it awful. For £2, mate, go on.

Beyond that, reader dear, do you have any recommendations for your fellow commenteers?

Grab Dungeons 2 free here - you've got a day and a bit left to get it. And here is a chunk of what Alec said in his Wot I Think:

"There's a room type in Dungeons 2 called The Tinkerer's Cave. I don’t know if this is a deliberate statement of intent, but a tinkerer's cave is how I always saw Dungeon Keeper. It wasn't a manic strategy game and it wasn't about balancing the books, even though both those aspects were very much a part of it. It was a tinkerer's cave, a big underground space to muck around in, to carve into shapes which pleased me and to fight minor fires in with a mixture of ingenuity and panic. That's what I’ve missed in the long years since Dungeon Keeper 2. And that's what, against many odds, Dungeons 2 has."

A third Dungeons is coming this autumn, by the way.

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