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Dusk's developers are making a Fallout-inspired CRPG with first-person combat

With folks from the Fallout fan community

New Blood Interactive have made a name with various flavours of retro first-person shooter, including Dusk, Amid Evil and Gloomwood. They're branching out into nostalgic throwbacks for other genres, however. To mark the 25th anniversary of the orignal Fallout, CEO Dave Oshry showed new footage from their unnamed, unannounced CRPG.

You can see the game in action with its first-person combat view in the tweet below:

Despite the first-person perspective, combat remains turn-based. It's "more akin to classic dungeon crawlers," says Oshry in a followup tweet, which he says they feel is more engaging than the "slow n' clunky nature" of the combat in the original Fallout.

New Blood (or Mortis?) Interactive first showed the project with a short clip and some screenshots back in June. At the time, they said that the team working on the project included members of the Fallout fan community, including Adam Lacko, who was attempting to revive Black Isle's cancelled Fallout 3 with Project Van Buren, and Alexander Berezin aka red888guns, who worked on Fallout 2 mods such as Fallout: Sonora and Olympus 2207. They're also working with original Wasteland and Fallout composer Mark Morgan.

If you're a fan of that original Fallout aesthetic, at least, this seems pretty dreamy. There's an attention to detail I like in the clip above, like the smoking NPC who drops his cigarette just before it cuts to combat mode. Unfortunately Oshry also says that the game won't be fully revealed or playable "for a long time."

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