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Dustwind: Real-Time Tactical Post-Apocalyptic Action

Inspired by Fallout Tactics

Looks a bit like Fallout dunnit, that screenshot ↑ up there? Probably not a coincidence. It's from Dustwind [official site], an upcoming real-time tactical RPG about undertaking combat missions in the post-apocalyptic wasteland to rebuild human civilisation - and the devs cite Fallout Tactics as an influence.

It's still relatively early days for the game, but creators Team Dustwind plan single- and multiplayer action with stats and oodles of weapons and a map editor to create your own wargrounds. Here, I'll tell you more.

Dustwind's set in a future world after humanity is mostly destroyed in a war with Skynet-y robots, where rival factions form, mutants emerge from the rubble and the few remaining robots are ones which scuttle around devouring organic life for sustenance (hey, we do the same - can we begrudge them doing it too?). Enter you. The single-player side will pop you on a faction trying to rebuild the world, sending you out from your home base. The gang explain:

"Your squad will be sent on various missions. Protection of towns and outposts, retrieval of important artefacts, evacuation of civilians, elimination of high-profile enemy targets, or annihilation of entire enemy bases. As the game progresses, the missions you get assigned to become increasingly more and more important for the fate of the entire region... Or maybe even the entire humanity."

You'll level up and find swish new gear along the way too. Aye, I'd go for that. Unfortunately (for me, anyway), the game's website make the singleplayer sound more of a hope than a plan, reliant upon them getting enough funding. They're looking for a publisher at the moment but if a campaign doesn't pan out, they still want to do multiplayer. They're thinking about co-op, deathmatch, team battles, and so on. I'd probably still go for that, but a bit less enthusiastically.

Anyway, have a poke around their website with its frustratingly slow interface. Interesting bits and screenshots and artwork are scattered about.

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