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Dwarf Fortress has new villainous actions and pet-able pets

The adventure family grows

The at times inscrutable and oft eye-straining simulation game Dwarf Fortress has a new update today. It has the beginnings of a villainy system where evil acts like assassinations, coups, and embezzlement can happen during world generation. There are also pets for your dwarves which I'd like to suggest is the most important bit.

Bay 12 Games call update 0.47.01 the "villains release" or the "first villains release" or "the guilds and temples and adventurer parties and pets release which also has artifact heists and extensive historical villainy, with lots of new mostly evil magical stuff." Okay so there's a lot here and part of it is villainy and also there's more evil to come, got it.

As for what's in today, the update log says that what you'll most often encounter in fortress mode are petitions from your dwarves to build them temples or guild halls. If you decide to build them, temples let priests give sermons to stressed out dwarves and guilds let dwarves share knowledge.

You may also encounter some new villainous actions like having your artifacts stolen by thieves. This is where the simulation starts boggling me, as Dwarf Fortress always does. If you've a sheriff to receive the reports of theft (you remembered to appoint a sheriff, right?) you'll be able to interrogate suspects, manage your counter intelligence, and attempt to uncover the name of the villain behind the theft if you nab one of their underlings. All in a day's work for a dwarf, eh?

But wait! Before you go—the pets. In adventure mode you've lots of new options during character creation. Among them, you can choose mounts or pets for your dwarves. Also "can pet animals in adventure mode." Someone notify the CanYouPetTheDog person. Alright, now you're free to go.

You can read the more exhaustive list of Dwarf Fortress update 0.47.01 changes on the Bay 12 website. As ever, you can download Dwarf Fortress free on its website. There's also the fancy paid version in the works for Steam and Itch set to come out, well, eventually.

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