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Dying Light 2 has fixes coming for crashes and other issues

Devs lay out their work plan for the next week

Following the launch of Dying Light 2 on Friday, developers Techland have been working to fix lingering technical issues. Over the weekend they laid out their plans for patching the open-world zombie-masher, with fixes for a number of crashes, issues blocking progress through the story, issues leading to a "death loop" (not that sort) and more. They haven't said when exactly PC patches will hit, but sounds like soon?

"We have implemented some hotfixes over the weekend and will be continuing to add more in the coming days," the devs said a Twitter thread last night. They laid out their "plan for the upcoming week" for each platform, too.

Techland posted the lists as images, so for your reading convience I've slammed their list of "things in [their] pipeline" for PC into text:

Ready for implementation:

  • various game crashing bugs
  • various situations that could cause infinite black screens
  • AI dead body replication in co-op
  • DLSS improvements
  • issue with players that couldn't sell valuables to vendor

We are working on:

  • issues with mouse key binding, adding gaming mice support for custom buttons
  • blocks resulting in players ending in a death loop
  • various story blocks
  • possibility to enable English VO if local language is not English
  • adding backup saves
  • exposing addition video settings
  • visual bugs sometimes visible in hospital in "Markers of plague" quest
They also detailed plans for PlayStation and Xbox patches, saying that for both they plan to submit a hotfix "by the middle of next week at the latest." But we're a PC gaming site so you can read those images yourself.

The game looks a big hit, currently sitting with the fifth-highest concurrent player count on Steam. It peaked at 274,983 on Sunday, which is a lot for a primarily singleplayer game.

In our Dying Light 2 review, Matthew Castle found it too friendly and eager to hold his hand.

"Techland's taken something quite distinct and sanded down the edges," he said. "Some will find it agreeably smooth, I'm sure, but you can only sand so much off of chaos before it becomes ordinary."

Agreeably Smooth is the name of my new easy listening album.

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