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Dying Light 2: how to meet the people of the Bazaar in "The Only Way Out" quest

How to progress in The Only Way Out quest in Dying Light 2

Wondering how to get past the Meet The People Of The Bazaar objective in Dying Light 2? Early on in Dying Light 2, while waiting for Hakon to call you, you're tasked with "meeting the people of the Bazaar" as part of the quest, "The Only Way Out". If you're stuck on this early quest section of Techland's colossal action adventure game, don't feel bad: it's stumped a lot of new players who weren't quite sure what the game was asking of them.

Below we'll walk you through a simple solution to getting past the Meet The People Of The Bazaar quest task and onto more interesting Dying Light 2 story quests.

Dying Light 2: how to complete "Meet The People Of The Bazaar"

Shortly after reaching the city of Villedor in Dying Light 2, your new friend Hakon asks you to wait for his call while he went exploring for a way into the Central Loop past the Peacekeepers' patrols. In the meantime you're asked to "Meet The People Of The Bazaar" as part of the story quest, "The Only Way Out". There are a few people who you can go up and speak to in the Bazaar: using your Survivor Sense you can find them with ease. They are:

  • Lena - to your left by the staircase as you enter the Bazaar
  • Carlos - to your right as you enter the Bazaar
  • Urban - the bartender on the right, just past Carlos
  • Julian - the vendor on the right past the bar
  • Ahab - the man leaning against the side of the merchant's shop
  • Abraham - talks to you when you interact with the missing persons wall outside the Bazaar entrance

However, you'll soon find that even if you speak to everyone you can, the quest doesn't progress. What gives?

The answer is simple: to get past the "Meet The People Of The Bazaar" objective, you need to complete a couple of side-quests. They can be any side-quests you find, although there are two quest-giving characters staying at the Bazaar who you should seek out and speak to if you want to progress as quickly as possible.

A close-up of Carlos, a member of the Bazaar in Dying Light 2.

Speak To Carlos

The first quest-giver you'll find is Carlos, who is leaning against a wooden beam to your right as you enter the Bazaar. You can't miss him.

Speak to him and you'll trigger a very quick side-quest called "The Spark Of Invention", which tasks you with scavenging some basic materials (which you'll likely have on your person at this stage anyway), then helping him show off his new electric fence invention. It backfires, but serves as a nice little introduction to the world of weapon mods, which you can use to upgrade your best weapons.

A close-up of Julian, a member of the Bazaar in Dying Light 2.

Speak To Julian

Julian is waiting for you just past the bar area to the right. Speak to him and you'll hear that he has seemingly accidentally sold poisoned water to a fellow Bazaarian. He tasks you with finding Marco, Julian's supplier, and getting to the bottom of the poisoned water issue. This is another small side-quest that won't take you long to complete at all.

After you've completed these quests, you should immediately get a call from Hakon which progresses the "The Only Way Out" quest to the next objective. Again, these particular quests aren't required to be completed; they're just handily nearby quests that you can finish up quickly in order to advance the game time to the point where Hakon contacts you again.

That's how you get past that pesky "Meet The People Of The Bazaar" quest objective in Dying Light 2's early game. If you're this early in the story, you might want to consult our primer on the two major Dying Light 2 Factions, as you'll need to side with one or the other on multiple occasions. While you're here you can also check out our Dying Light 2 Inhibitors guide and our primer on how to play Dying Light 2 coop multiplayer.

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