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Dying Light 2 sure has some familiar zombie-faces

And lots of parkour

If you were just dying to know more about zombie parkour 'em up Dying Light 2, then that's great, because developers Techland showed off a new gameplay trailer in their latest "Dying 2 Know" livestream. First thing to note: there is a lot of parkour. Second: the stealth actually looks quite good. And third: you will recognise many of these zombies.

After the usual livestream yada yada, we got to the good stuff. The "stuff" being a five minute gameplay trailer. You can watch it below:

The parkour in Dying Light 2 looks great, honestly. Movement seems super fluid and stringing together a bunch of slick moves would be very satisfying I'd imagine. Ethan Winters' cooler younger brother really knows how to hoof it.

Then after doing some sick flips and slides, there's a lengthy stealth segment. Here we're introduced to lots of "sleeping beauty" zombies, which are pretty chill until you wake them up. So it's the usual crouch and move slowly affair to avoid doing so. A classic zombie game move, that. It does looks intense, though, and I like the way you can get fairly close without alerting them so long as you're on your tippy-toes.

Oh but that's not all zombie-wise. We also got a glimpse at some other favourites, including zombies that look like they spit acid, a big one with muscles that is clearly very angry, and another that resembles Gollum and will almost certainly be jumpy and aggro. Hardly revolutionary, but I don't think it needs to be. Without them it wouldn't be a zombie game would it?

There's no word on when the next Dying Light 2 stream's going to be, but we do know that the game releases on 7th December 2021.

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