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E3 Trail-o-rama 2014: Hey, It's Dying Light!

Now with extra grappling hook!

With E3 just around the corner, you know the score: it's time to get hyped! Do a Dew, chug some Doritos, mainline that Monster, shotgun that Red Bull, ransack that Rustlers, and get ready for a non-stop 24/7 gameblast announcefest trailer-o-rama! Not quite yet, though. Calm down. Chill out. Hey, cough up that cigarette you'd inhaled whole, you. E3 doesn't officially begin until Tuesday, so let's take it nice and easy and warm up with the E3 trailer for Dying Light.

A cynic might call Techland's latest "Dead Island with jumping" but this trailer shows it's Dead Island with jumping and a grappling hook, which is a very important distinction to draw.

"In the right circumstances anyone is a murderer," the trailer tell us. Such as when you're playing a video game, and especially an open-world FPS flooded with zombies. The game's due next year.

Still, let's all be very grateful that publishers are increasingly doing their E3 nonsense before E3 actually starts. Next week I'll surely be curled up with a blanket over my knees, a cup of cocoa in one hand and a book in the other, by 6 o'clock. As the years go by and E3 starts earlier and earlier, perhaps we'll end up in the novel situation of publishers simply showing off video games once they've reached a certain stage of development rather than saving up a load to announce all at once to the hooting minority who live on every shred of video games marketing.

E3 is loathsome. It's so contrary to the idea of growing and expanding video games, instead concentrating them in a foetid carnival of 'gamer culture.' All of the industry, none of the art.

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Dying Light

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