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Mod-Me-Defs: Dying Light Mod Tools Coming

"Extensive", they say

Techland, makers of Dying Light [official site], have announced they plan to release official mod tools for the free-running zombie 'em up. Developers actively encouraging mods rather than simply tolerating them is grand in this day and age, when official support in blockbusters is rarer than it once was, and especially after the kerfuffle surrounding Dying Light mods over the past fortnight (I'll explain in a bit). They haven't said yet quite what the tools will support or when they'll arrive, only that they'll be "extensive". Good-o!

Techland said in today's announcement:

"The release of Dying Light has already been met an amazing positive response from gamers around the globe. In their excitement, many PC players have already been creating mods that alter and revamp the game. At Techland, we want to see more! As a sandbox game, Dying Light is a perfect material for modding. This is why we are currently working on free and extensive modding tools for the game."

I'm glad they're showing solid support for mods. Over the past fortnight, Techland caused upset when they released a patch whose anti-cheating measures also blocked mods. This was made worse separately and simultaneously by copyright protection people employed by the Entertainment Software Association having mods pulled from file hosts through takedown notices. That's all cleared up, though. Techland hadn't intended for the patch to block legit mods, and the copyright folks had been overzealous and ill-informed. And now this is happening.

Techland have put up a modding forum and asked people to post their ideas, though that seems more placating than productive right now. Goodness knows the modding scene is full of people who have a great idea and simply need a programmer, modeller, texture artist, animator, and level designer. I've got a bad case of the Friday Grumps though - this could also lead to folks forming teams and plans and making things (and hopefully writing good readme files to go with them).

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