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Dying Light - The Following Adds An Enormous New Map And Customisable Vehicles

Included as part of the season pass

As the only member of RPS who recognises the brilliance of Dying Light [official site], I'm probably the only person here who is delighted by the reveal of a huge, meaty expansion. A new map as big as the one in the original, customisably buggies to drive around in and rural areas to sit alongside the urban environment of the base game. I had a very quick play with some of the new weapons at Gamescom - picking people of silently with a crossbow and mowing zombies down with an assault rifle - and took the vehicle for a spin. It'll be fully customisable, as well as providing a new skilltree to work through. Possibilities include blades on the wheels, a flamethrower on the roof or UV lights on the side panels. Video below.

I appreciate Dying Light on many levels and covered all of that in my review. To recap, here are my favourite things about the game:

1) The zombies act like drunk people who seem extremely disappointed with the state they've gotten themselves into. Sometimes they just lean against walls, look at you wearily and then vomit onto their shoes.

2) Its driven by smart systems. When the sun is setting and the nearest safehouse comes under attack, I panic and clamber onto the nearest rooftop, preparing to engage in a three-way battle.

3) I once kicked a zombie so hard that all of its limbs fell off.

Soon I'll be able to add "ran over so many zombies that my buggy flipped onto its roof and I burst into flames". Oh, and when night falls in the great outdoors there will be new threats to deal with. Think faster creatures, capable of chasing your vehicle while you're stranded between safe houses.

All of this will plug into the base game rather than happening at the end of it. There's a new story - something about a cult who probably worship some god of the undead - but you'll be able to unlock the expansion location and vehicle (which only works outside the city as far as I know) by completing a mission in the city. How far into the game that comes, I don't know but it won't be too late.

The Following is included as part of the season pass but we don't have a release date yet.

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Dying Light

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Dying Light: The Following

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