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Dying Light: The Following Teases New Story Trailer

Zombie (vacci)Nation

Since its reveal earlier this year, details on The Following - the upcoming expansion for zombie survival parkour-a-thon Dying Light [official site] - have been few and far between. We've been told there'll be an unscrupulous cult, that we'll get to travel outside the quarantine zone, and that we'll get to cart around in a selection of undead-decimating dune buggies. Now, we discover there might be a cure and a way out of Harran, courtesy of the new story trailer below.

Ah, the traumatised and delirious map-wielding nomad who dies off just before revealing an important and/or horrendous warning. If 90s blockbusters are anything to go by, this story's getting a lot darker before it gets any brighter. But as protagonist Kyle Crane is rightly informed, he and his group are running out of meds fast and options even quicker. Best get after that cult, me thinks. Fancy it? Go on, you first. Here's the expansion's official blurb:

The new storyline takes place shortly after the final events of the original game as protagonist Kyle Crane and his group of survivors face both a new threat and new hope for salvation. Hard-pressed by the circumstances, Crane leaves the city walls and travels to a remote region taken over by a mysterious group whose intentions are not readily clear. The rumor of a way out turned out true, but does a potential cure really exist out here or is it all smoke and mirrors?

Dying Light: The Following expansion is due for release February 9 for $20 (the UK price is yet to be determined) or free if you already own the Dying Light season pass.

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